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Fantastic article. Completely agree.

I'd also be wary of supporting any nation that has capitulated to Globohomo, as Taiwan has done.

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Good article.

“The dispute over Hong Kong has been resolved – we lost. We can learn from that episode that treaties with states are only as binding insofar as the other party is willing and able to enforce it. We aren’t, and our only choice left is for us to move on.”

—Why doesn't this apply to the Ukraine? And why should we enforce the Budapest Memorandum against Russia when we and our allies have violated it against Belarus for years?

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Trident? Unless we clearly state we will launch otherwise, as should have been done to ensure "One Country; Two Systems" was actually adhered to by Peking, there is zero, double-nought, blank, fuck-all use to be had from the Bomb besides dubious point-scoring for willie-waving. There is no point waving your dick about if you can't get a hard-on; nevermind cum. NATO? Existential threats only exist from the EUrine and the Septics; FROM NATO in otherwords. No one can rely on the USA, so we should rely on the USA. Can you spot the brain-fart? I am only half joking when I write, as I often do, the sentiment "We should return Trident to America... At 10,000mph and walking all 54 warheads across the entirety of CONUS.". Bibi should be telling the senile old git in the White House to STFU or Washington eats one too. A nation's enemies ought to know that nation can reach out and touch them. "‘We have no eternal allies..." but should stay in NATO with Yank tanks on our lawn. Kudos to Holland for staying out, but our foreign "policy" from 1906 was the business. Thanks for the enlightening link to the state of the ROC armed forces.... It makes a fine bookend with Business Insider's article on the state of the PLA. BOTH Chinas present Potemkin Villages to the world; a Han theme from the Battle of the Yalu on. I think you need to be more thorough-going and ruthless; your thinking collapses into incoherent nonsense otherwise. Chin chin.

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Good luck landing a plane on Pitcairn!

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